Turkish Bath

Original Turkish Bath
Our Bath is there for you not only for cleansing, but also for relaxation and purification. To help you relax after your daily adventures, our professional staff offer a variety of services in addition to the hamam ritual. Our luxury hamam also features a sauna.
Lying on the warm stone in the center of the room, your attendant will pour hot water on you and begin to scrub every square inch of your body. Basically, every millimeter of dead and dirty skin is scrubbed off, even the skin between your fingers and toes. Our luxury hamam also features a sauna.

Vine Secret
This sweet smelling balm hydrates and firms tissues. It brings comfort and suppleness to the skin thanks to moisturizing agents and grape extracts. The ultimate treat for a great day to relax distress and completely indulge in the magic of vine secret body scrub, grape oil and body balm cream.

Delicious Vanilla

  • Delicious exfoliates
     Based on a rice powder formula; this scrub contains exfoliating particles that are ideal for body care. The Delicious defoliant leaves the skin soft as silk.
  • Delicious wrap
    This wrap is like a soothing cocoon thanks to its smooth and creamy texture. Rich in rice powder and corn starch, it leaves the skin soft and velvety. Delicious wrap provides a privileged moment of relaxation.
  • Delicious massage candles
    This massage candle with an exquisite scent and infinite softness, changes into a warm oil for an innovative massage. Used in massage of the back to welcome the client, it offers pleasant warm and relaxing sensations.