Step inside the tan room white and step out a bronze beauty. A well-regulated exposure to UV light is of little concern to your skin health and has some health benefits; for example, it stimulates the production of Vitamin D.
Turkish Bath – Original: It is a good way for you to relax after your stressful day. As you step out the bath, you will feel reborn, with old and dead skins scrubbed off from every square inch of your body.
Turkish Bath – Vine Secret: The sweet smelling balm hydrates and firms the skin and brings suppleness to the skin, thanks to moisturizing agents and grape extracts. Let you indulge in the magic of vine secret body scrub, grape oil and body balm cream. Turkish Bath – Delicious Vanilla: Based on a rice powder formula, this scrub contains exfoliating particles that are ideal for body care and makes your skin as soft as silk.