Mywellness Key

Technogym's mywellness key has received the prestigious 'Health Innovation Award' at the recent FIBO 2011 - the leading European trade show for fitness and wellness, for its unique algorithm: Awareness, Motivation and Maintain! The mywellness key is a portable device that measures your physical activity performed from when you wake up and till you go to bed. It will improve your awareness of life-style and encourages you to be more active than on the day before. Based on your lifestyle and personal parameters, the mywellness key will assign a daily activity target that will motivate you to do more physical activity and improve your performance.

Throughout the day, the mywellness key will measure the intensity and duration of your physical activity, both during the normal daily routine and during workouts in the gym. It is able to monitor every single movement of you. If you wear it every day and everywhere, it provides you with immediate visual feedback through a bar on the display. ‘MOVE’ is the unit of measurement used by the mywellness key. The more you move, the more moves you gain and the faster the bar fills, the sooner you have reached your target. It helps you change your daily habits for better

At home: It encourages you to carry out ordinary tasks such as shopping, taking your dog out for a walk, playing with your children, walking or gardening.
At work: It encourage you to walk to work if possible or during their lunch break, take the stairs instead of the lift or do some sport if their workplace has a facility.
At the gym: It allows you to activate Technogym machines on your personal training program and save the results that will contribute to achieving your daily target.
At leisure: It makes physical activity more fun. For example, you can exercise together with your friends, and compare the results with theirs, and encourage one another to exercise more and faster. 11

Mywellness Portal
The mywellness portal is the web access to the mywellness key world, where you can find all the information and the results that you require for the progress of your fitness training. To do so, you simply insert the mywellness key in the USB port of your computer.
In the page below, you can see the movement intensity, the indoor and outdoor training activity level, and the overall activity level. You can also see the trend of your physical activities by week, month and year.

Under biometric section, you have an opportunity to monitor your health condition, weight, body mass and so on

In the community section, you can discover your ranking among your friends and use it to motivate yourself further. Please note that the mywellness portal uses a secure encrypted communication protocol to exchange the data, enabling you to protect the privacy that you wish to maintain.

How does the mywellness key work?
The mywellness key contains a motion sensor. The mywellness key measures all your movements and transforms them in useful parameters indicating your physical activity level. The mywellness key measures the intensity and duration of your physical activities, calories burned , free time activities, play time activities, run time activities , the total energy expenditure spent during the day, including the part coming from your physical activity and the one deriving from your basal metabolic rate, and other interesting parameters indicating the quality of your lifestyle.
The mywellness key is fitted with a USB support to upload the lifestyle data on