Kinesis is a range of strength training machines from fitness equipment manufacturer Technogym. According to Technogym, you can perform up to 250 different exercises using the Kinesis, many of which can be adapted for beginners and advanced fitness enthusiasts alike. Kinesis can be used in conjunction with an exercise bench, stability ball or wobble board to provide you with a challenging and effective whole-body workout. Kinesis utilizes a cable and floating handle arrangement, which means that you can work your muscles in a variety of positions and you can change the angle of the exercise you are performing instantly. Working out using Kinesis equipment can produce a variety of results and benefits.
Increased Muscular Strength and Endurance
Like all forms of resistance training, Kinesis can be used to place a significant load on your muscles while you exercise. Your body responds to this extra workload by increasing the size and work capacity of your muscles. Your increased strength and endurance will make everyday activities easier and will also translate to improved sporting performance. As your muscles get stronger, so will your tendons, ligaments and bones.

Improved Muscular Balance

Many resistance machines remove the requirement for left to right side balance, which means that it is possible to develop strength imbalances. Kinesis machines have an independent arm action so you have to push or pull evenly with both of your limbs. Imbalances between left and right are common but, if left undetected and uncorrected, can lead to injury. The independent action of Kinesis means that strength imbalances are easy to spot and correct.

Increased Coordination

The ability to move two or more limbs in a synchronized fashion is called coordination. Traditional resistance machines tend to develop this ability. The independent arm action utilized by Kinesis machines will challenge and develop your ability to move your limbs independently, which will result in better nervous system function and therefore, coordination. Coordination is important for the easy performance of daily activities, as well as most sports.

Better Core Strength

A large number of the exercises that are possible using Kinesis are performed in the standing position. This means that even exercises such as chest presses and lat pulls will involve more abdominal recruitment than the free weight or traditional resistance machine alternative. When you perform any standing exercise using Kinesis, you are forced to “brace” your midsection so that your body remains still as you move your arms and/or legs. This indirect contraction of your midsection muscles will result in a stronger core without actually performing any extra abdominal exercises