The heart, lungs, and all other components of their separate systems work together during exercise to provide us with the energy we need to sustain our particular activity. During the process of exercise your heart pumps blood out to the arteries, which act as transport mediums to deliver the nutrients (namely oxygen) to the working muscles and cells. Individuals that spend a lot of time doing cardiovascular-type training have more efficient hearts that are capable of delivering greater amounts of nourishment to working tissues with less stress placed on their tickers. In addition to having a greater amount of working capacity, regular aerobic-type training can help prevent certain diseases and disorders that can impair an individual’s cardiovascular system. Take a look at the following list of reported benefits to cardio respiratory fitness and let it warm your heart to know your physical activities are lengthening your life span.

List of Health Benefits

  • Reduction in blood pressure
  • Increased HDL-cholesterol (the good one)
  • Decreased total cholesterol
  • Decreased body fat stores
  • Increased aerobic work capacity

We strongly encourage you to work at a comfortable pace, never do anything that hurts, and the most important FIT Launch training rule- have fun! Enjoy your cardio program and keep that heart healthy!!

Physical activities can include sustained activities with little variability like jogging, walking, or cycling, skill-oriented activities such as choreographed dance exercise, or any of the GX –Group exercise classes .

In Women’s Wellness Fitness Center you will find many ways to do your Cardio workout as you will find the latest Tecnogym Cardio machines like :

  • Wave
    The first piece of cardio equipment with lateral movement for a completely different, stimulating and effective workout.
  • Vario
    The piece of cardiovascular equipment which adapts to the user’s natural stride length and desired movement, from vertical stepping to an easy walk, and up to running strides.
  • Bike Excite
    the professional bike which perfectly recreates the effect of riding on a road, combining comfort and performance.
  • Treadmill
    The professional treadmill for effective, absorbing cardiovascular training.