Wellness Gym

[Wellness with No Limits]
Wellness Center exceeds your notion of a typical gym and presents to you a new advanced training system that no other place in Jordan can offer. Wellness Center grants you as an empowered woman the total freedom to keep track of your progress on your own without the need of any assistance 24/7, thanks to the technologies used to gauge your performance. We take pride in offering the following machines that will help you become the woman you want to be:
  1. Wellness System Key: The key guides you through each exercise and wirelessly transfers your exercising data between the Wellness System database and the equipment plus it shows you how much calorie u have burn.
  2. Tracker: Is a portable device that measures your physical activity performed from when you wake up and till you go to bed. It will improve your awareness of life-style and encourages you to be more active than on the day before. Based on your lifestyle and personal parameters and its shows you how much calorie u have burn in a daily basses, we can wear it inside and outside the gym.
  3. Wellness Expert: The interactive interface between you and the system that shows training results: calories, distance, weight and other and other personal data.
  4. Feedback Point: The easy-to-use training program information point where you can check, add or modify exercise and record any activity, class or free exercises.
  5. Trainer Point: A Key reader connected to a trainer computer through which trainers can read, write and edit data on the Wellness System Key.
  6. Cardio Upgrade Kit: The Wellness System Key interface for cardio training enables automatic equipment start-up for workoutsand tests. The Key automatically records calories, heart rate, distance and duration.
  7. Isocontrol: A simple screen that displays your needed loads, series and repetitions. It records your equipment settings and completed activities on the system andshows you your next activity.


  1. Cardio machines
  2. Kinesis wall
  3. Strength area


  1. GX Classes
  2. Pilates
  3. Yoga
  4. Zumba
  5. Zumba Toning 
  6. Zumba Step
  7. Brazilian Butt Lifting
  8. TRX
  9. Super ABS
  10. Body pump
  11. Fat attack
  12. Step Mania
  13. Oriental Dance
  14. Cardio Tone

Address: Abed Al Raheem Al Hajj Mohammad St., Sweifieh
T: +96265819184
M: +962797609996
Website: www.w2jo.com
Email: info@w2jo.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/WomensWellness
Twitter: @WomansWellnessJo