A weight loss secret you'll enjoy

Ever returned from a day of clothes shopping where the unforgiving changing room mirror has shown you things that you really, really didn't want to see? Us too. Instead of drowning your sorrows in a large bar of chocolate, perhaps this is the time to do something about your wobbly bits?
That's why we're going to let you in on one of our fitness secrets to successful weight loss. What is this elusive gem? Just two words: have fun.
For many people, the thought of exercise is far worse than actually doing it. Even with the best of intentions, the reality is that many people will talk themselves out of heading to the gym at 7 each morning.
A huge amount of successful weight loss can be attributed to keeping a positive mind so if you can choose the right sort of regular exercise – one you enjoy – you're far more likely to want to get out of bed, stick with it and succeed.

Choose your weapon
For the reluctant exerciser, the best activity might be one that doesn't seem like exercise at all, such as a group exercise class such as spinning, Get Fit with Mel B or the incredibly popular Zumba, which is a Latin-fusion dance party. The music alone will get you moving.
Alternatively, ask a member of the fitness team to help you create a bespoke training plan based on your goals. If there's a piece of equipment you favour over others, say so. Make sure you establish your 'optimum workout time' – some people prefer early mornings whereas others have far more energy to burn at the end of the day.
Before you know it, the pounds will drop off, your muscles will find new definition and you’ll be having a great time.

A friend in need
Although most forms of exercise are pretty social, persuading a friend to come along with you can provide motivation, laughter, encouragement and probably exactly the right form of incessant nagging required on those tough days to get you out of the house and into the gym.
Training with a friend can make the whole process much more fun, especially if you introduce a small element of competition into the mix. Choose someone reliable, who has the same fitness goals as you do and let the fun begin.

Measure your progress
It may take a while before someone notices the impact exercise is having on your body, so make sure you track your progress. Use a tape measure to record your vital statistics and at the end of each month weigh and measure yourself again. You’ll be amazed at how quickly those numbers are decreasing.

Give yourself some credit
Make sure you congratulate yourself on reaching goals, both large and small. Revel in that huge sense of achievement you’ll feel when you glide easily into that pair of one-size-smaller jeans. You’ve put the work in, now enjoy it! By finding something that’s fun, incorporating friends and rewarding yourself, you can’t fail.
Now get those trainers on and enjoy.